Thursday, November 27, 2008

Write or die.

Met with eldest's Spanish teacher.


Can't say the guy really gained my respect. Sounded like it wasn't the whole unvarnished truth.


You can't like everyone you have to deal with, and there are always going to be dorks masquerading as teachers; we have to get on with it anyway, and get what you can out of the process.

Let's hope she gets some Spanish, no?

On another note, check this out....

Dr. Wicked's Write or Die program! The ultimate solution if you cannot think of a good post. Though I used this basic idea for a great language game in class today.

Here is my first go, all settings basically kind and normal:

Trying out the new Dr Wicked's writing pad, while people outside are yelling and screaming. It is astonishing to me that people will be so noisy late at night.

Though the single pane windows probably don't help. They certainly aren't keeping me any warmer. Sitting here in a fleecy jacket, down coat, and three shirts on.

I just deliberately paused, the screen went red-ish orange through brighter orange, I am just on normal mode, not kamikaze when it starts to erase what I have written.

I need one of these in my life.

I have one though.


Here is the second go....

OK, I am having a go at the evil pause level with kamikaze punishments...let's see whatherewhat happens went red and redder then it ate my words!!!!

Eeeekk this one really keeps you going, like running with a pit bull on your tail. That reminds me of a dog that hangs around eldest's school, where there (hey I just hit my goal, and trumpets blew!!!)

Positive re-enforcement too!

Anyway, this is a HUGE Sheppard who has figured out that the playground is an excellent hunting ground. The boys give it parts of their lunches and snacks, and as these frequently consist of meat sandwiches....and the girls do too. Apparently today it made off, gleefully I am sure, with an entire large iberic ham sandwich (think prosciutto) on a baguette.

It was still there later when the man and I went into the school as well as when we left.

This is now in normal blog mode...not pit bull running....

On another bright note, a dog we have seen living wild in the village for the last year and that I have been worrying about has been adopted!!! No more sitting out in the freezing pouring rain for him!

He was really shy and wouldn't come near me, but a woman we know managed to catch him and he has a home. It is so great because he is a lovely dog.


Jason, as himself said...

Pseudo teachers make me mad. My daughter has some of them in high school and it just appalls me.

Anonymous said...

This Write or Die thing looks fun. Only, when you're developing software, you definitely don't want to go kamikaze mode :p

oreneta said...

Pseudo teachers are a crime against humanity...that sounds extreme, but if you think about it a bit.... is WAY cool. Though I agree, kamikaze software writing might be a little much.