Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4' 33"

Last night I went off to the meeting of the local 'grup de música'.  The theme for this week was music from the 20th c.  I was excited.  They tend to listen to a lot of baroque music, which I find gets a little old, but more modern stuff I prefer.

Normally everyone has to bring a bit of music to play for the group - has to is a little strong, but that's the idea.  I usually have some difficulty with this, partially as we don't have a TON of music here, but also because I am not the hugest music afficionado, and so find myself a little limited from time to time.

This time, however, I had an idea.

Last night we performed.  I played the tuba, alongside another tuba player, we had a cello, a few violins, a piano, a harmonica, a couple of drummers and a bassoon.

We played, a slightly (very) abridged version of John Cage's 4' and 33".

We were most impressive, it was great fun, and nobody coughed!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha :). Is 4'33" the only piece you know on the tuba? ;)

Beth said...

Brilliant idea.
I think I might have developed a wicked case of the giggles… ;)

oreneta said...

It is, sadly, the only piece I know on the tuba, but I can also play it on the violin, cello, double bass, trumpet, piccolo......

Beth, we giggled quite a bit too. I imagine they had to rehearse, simply so they wouldn't laugh.