Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This year's travel back to Spain has left me particularly addled, slow to get organised and odd feeling.  This may have to do with having left Eldest behind in Canada to finish high school.

Either way, I have had a full night's sleep (Hallelujah)  and I am feeling a little more with it.  Though this is going to be a mono-lingual post, cause sometimes that's all I can manage.

Some notes.  Leaving a daughter behind, is hard.  The economic situation here?  It's really bad.  really.  It is astonishing how much Catalan I've lost, though it is nice to feel it coming back too.  The independence movement here?  fascinating.  There will likely be more blog posts about it.  Sorry if that bores you.

Got to get back to running

Going hiking this weekend though!!!!!  YEAH!

Going into BCN today with the to get going.

Hope you have a great one,



Beth said...

Back to your beloved running and hiking... :)

thecatalanway said...

I was thinking about you today. Of course it must be really hard leaving your eldest behind - I suppose it would be bad even if she left home and you were in the next county but however it happens that stretching of the cord must be something new to deal with.
Independence things - yes it is interesting and I was trying my best today to understand the news but in the end had to resort to an english site. What next I wonder?
Walks - when can we have our next one? Let me know and we will drive over to our favourite hills.

love Kate x

Anonymous said...

Didn't know eldest was staying back in Canada... That really must be hard. Staying with family, I hope?
And don't worry about boring people with the independence movement, it's actually quite interesting to get updates "from the field" :)

oreneta said...

Beth, indeed, though I have to get the running going again still....urgh, that's going to hurt.

Kate, looking forward to walking with you to say the least!

ElP, Yeah, she's going to school there, she's staying with my parents and with friends, both...sort of shifting it back and forth. Glad to hear the independence stuff would be interesting, I'll post indeed.