Friday, September 14, 2012

Update, les notícies

Here's the latest,

Eldest:  Happy, likes her classes, joined a club, and is looking at another tomorrow.  All good by and large.  Waiting to get in with her Grandparents too.

Youngest:  Also happy as far as I know, and has gone to gymnastics after school and loved it.

The Man:  wonder that he is, he has located almost all of Youngest's textbooks (very nearly a miracle, you in NA who get the books loaned from the school have. no. idea. what a good thing this is.  He has also gone rowing, and I am sure is delighted.

Me:  I would like to point out to anyone running storage operations that leaving the floor outside the storage unit unimaginably dirty is not going to make your clients happy, nor is parking a forklift in front of the unit restricting access, nor placing the unit where trucks have to come in and out regularly.  NOT a happy camper yesterday on that front.

Chuck: ?  I have heard little, so it is probably good.  He probably figures that we all fly in crates, like he does.  As a result he probably is imagining that the Man and Youngest have forgotten Eldest and I and we are endlessly circling on some luggage conveyer belt somewhere, waiting to get off!  

Today, frantically trying to finish the to-do list!  Or at least most of it.

Hope you have a good one,




elpadawan said...

Textbooks hunting, yay! In France, most schools organise "trade fairs", where parents can exchange their books for the ones they need this year. They also communicate their lists to local bookstores so that they can stock up before September, and meet the demand. Worst case scenario, we'd end up driving to Paris for the ones we really couldn't find.
As for the forklift, you should have hopped on and ridden it. Like a boss.

kate said...

Glad to hear that all is well out your way!

Here for textbooks most people give their list to a bookstore, or more often, a chain like Carrefour or Corte Inglés, who then hunt down the books and package them all up for you (usually at a discount.)

We just order ours through the school, which works out wonderfully. I do like the exchange idea, though.