Sunday, September 9, 2012

'ho sheets

Buying sheets is way more complicated than it should EVER be.  I went off to buy sheets for Eldest, she likes dark coloured ones.

Comprant llençols esta molt més complicat que caldria ser.  Vaig anara a comprar-les per la Gran, ella li agrada que siguin fosques.

Look what I got though:  Mira que vaig comprar!

Yup, turns out they're sateen which I had never heard of in 'ho sheets.  And that nice navy blue?  Looking kinda black at home.
Al final, que no he fixat, ni mai sentit, són 'sateen' que vol dir que reflexen.  I aquest blau?  Sembla negre aquí a casa.

I'll be trying to return those today.  Les tornaré avui si puc.


elpadawan said...

never heard of 'ho sheets before. Although I know about sateen. It's just a particular weaving pattern actually (I interned in a textile factory in my younger years), so you can make it out of silk, cotton, bamboo, or whatever you like.
And in France, it is more associated with luxury than with 'ho ;)

oreneta said...

I'm going to have to google how you weave it shiny! That's cool.

Those French.....

oreneta said...

Just looked it up, four over, one under to make it softer, smoother, but slightly less durable. There you go!