Friday, September 28, 2012

Well, yesterday went pretty darned well overall.  First a dentist appointment, I will admit that doesn't sound promising, but as my teeth are apparently cleaner than they were last time (?!?!?!?!?!?) and so don't need any cleaning done on them.  That was good.
Mira, ahir va anar força bé, al final.  Primer, una cita amb la dentista, haig de admetre que això no sonar molt com un bon començament pel dia, però que les meves dents, diu ella, són més nets que l'ultima vegada que la vaig veure, una cosa que no entenc, no cal que facin higiene ni fer res més, va quedar bé, no?

Then I got another job, definitely good.  Llavors, vaig guanyar una altre feina, definitivament, bé.

Went to BCN; always fabulous, have to go more often! Vaig anar a BCN; sempre fabulós, haig d'anar-hi més sovint.

Lunch with the family and a walk in the mountains with Youngest and the dog....followed by a pair of great classes and hanging out again with Youngest, then PAINTING!!!!  Vaig dinar amb la meva família, vaig anar a passejar als muntanyes amb la Petita i en Chuck.....desprès un parell de classes divertides, passava temps amb la Petita un altre cop i finalment?  PINTANT!!!

Ahhh, what a lovely day.  Quin dia més bon.

Today hasn't been to shabby either, went for the first run in ages, took it easy and it was fun, did my Catalan intercanvi.  How do you say that in English, a friend here and I are trading language lessons, I help him with English, and he me with Catalan.  Today was Catalan day, good grief, when he's paying attention I make a LOT of mistakes.  So many that sometimes I lost track of what I was trying to say amidst the corrections!
Avui no ha anat tant malament tampoc.  He anat a fer footing, que no he fet per molt de temps, i ha anat força bé.  No he intentat de fer molt, i ho he disfruitat molt.  També he fet el meu intercanvi de català, amb un amic, li ajudo amb anglès i a mi, m'ajuda amb català. Avui, hem fet català.  Deu n'hi do, quan està vigilant, faig MOLTES falles.  Tan que a vegades, oblido que estava intentant de dir!

Still, it was funny and very useful.  No vull dir que era malament, era molt divertit i molt útil.

Again, lunch with the folks at home, a briefer walk with Youngest and the dog, another couple of good classes, and then Harry Potter 4, the movie that is....a quick Skype with Eldest and Friday wound up pretty marvelously too!  Un altre cop, he dinat a casa amb la família, un passeig molt breu amb la Petita i el gos, un altre parell de classes bones, i finalment, Harry Potter 4, el peli evidentment.

Now I have to get him to check my writing from time to time.  I live in fear.  I may well use the write ups from here, since I have to do them anyway.  Ara haig de demanar-li de corregir el que escric, a vegades.  Tinc una mica de pànic!  Probablement utilitzo el que escric aquí...perquè ho haig de fer en qualsevol cas.

OH, and the next excursion?  We're sleeping in tents in the mountains, I have to say that I am SO excited.  Wonder if we're bringing stoves?  OH!  I la pròxima excursió?  Dormirem en tendes en les muntanyes, haig de dir, estic molt emocionada.  Hem de portar - com és diu?  Una cosa per butà o alguna cosa així.


kate said...

Great news on the job with daytime hours. Also I'm intrigued about the music group (yes, going back a few posts...) Usually you bring music to listen to, or play together, or perform for each other? Funny about the Cage piece-- I had heard of it but the video was quite an experience!

oreneta said...

It is great news, and I am starting to get some daytime hours from my normal work place too, just a few here and there, but it is filling in, which is very good news indeed. The music group, we vary wildly in range of knowledge and passion, but the deal is that we meet once a week and play music that we bring on CD, there is usually a theme, for instance the last one was 20th c music, we got a bit of everything. We also go to a concert or two or three every year, which is fun to do as a group, and there is usually someone who can buy the tickets at a discount. Folks also usually bring some kind of cookies, and cava is ALWAYS there. Though I don't drink it. They all kick in to pay for that. T

The John Cage piece, it is amazing isn't it, I want to get more of his stuff, and Philip Glass' too, though I think the man won't like it much. The video is amazing though, isn't it. It was good fun doing it ourselves, though I think we lost out on the experience quite a bit because we only did about a minute and a half, the full 4' 38" would be quite something in fact.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to find conversation partners as well, to start speaking Czech. At home, English is too natural, it'd be difficult for us to switch to either French or Czech. Need new people to talk to :)