Friday, March 29, 2013

Dia 3, day 3 mallorca

Having slept better than anticipated on the hard floor, and getting up to make a fire we set off the next morning, a beautiful sunny day.


Saw this tree growing out of the top of this rock, really, it didn't touch the ground anywhere.

We climbed up and up and up and up to a pass, this is looking back.  It was OUTRAGEOUSLY windy, I was for the first time on the trip truly grateful for my 8kilo pack, holding me down to the ground.  One woman did blow over in fact, and as I was out front by quite a bit I decided to slow down and wait for the next person so if I did blow away someone would see me go.  Tremendous fun.

Looking ahead from the pass, you can see the sea if you make the picture bigger.  Absolutely beautiful day.

The left hand slope is the pass, we came down well into the valley there then climbed up to where I took the picture again.

Climbed a wee bit higher, came over a ridge and this is what I saw.

Honestly, I could walk this route again tomorrow so happily.

The path down was a series or really tight switchbacks.  They were pretty groomed, not like the goat track we came down a day or two before, but still, pretty solidly steep.  A little hard on the knees of those who have a wee bit of weakness there.  I was OK though.

We got down to a sanctuary, this is the first motel I've ever seen, you keep your horse in the space down below and sleep in the room above.  Pretty clever, no?

View along above the horse stables.

A lovely little bridge on the way to that night's hostal

After we got to the hostal we had a few hours to kill so I went for a little walk, and look who I found!

A truly beautiful place. 

Last instalment to come, though I am going walking again tomorrow, so I'll have a tough time getting these in order!

Sorry no Catalan today, just too tired.


Anonymous said...

It's even nicer with a great blue sky :)

oreneta said...

The sky does make the pictures prettier....though the overcast day was OK from a not getting sunburnt perspective. It is better with the sunshine always though.