Sunday, March 10, 2013

Youngest, la Petita

Finally made it upstairs to paint a bit and youngest followed me.  What I was working on is kinda, meh....

what she puttered with is very very cool, see?

Finalment he pujat per anar a pintar i la Petita m'ha seguit.  El que feia jo no ha surtit gaire bé encara, però el que ha fet la Petita?  Super xulo, veus?

La primera imatge és una mica plana...en que no pots veure la textura.  La segona et deixa sentir com és una mica més.  Surt més xulo en realitat, com sempre.

The first image is a little flat, in that the texture is hidden.....the second shows it a little better, but it is still cooler in real life, as art usually is.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty interesting... What material is this?

oreneta said...

Black acrylic painted cardboard, with glue gun glue shaped in, hmm, what is that called, I would call it foam board. The architects here use it to make models. It worked out really neat, like reverse chinese caligraphy. The texturing is cool too, but I haven't got the camera skills to make it pop in the photos.

kate said...

I like it! It must be neat to share some creative time with Youngest.