Saturday, April 20, 2013

A day out with Youngest. Un dia amb la Petita

Youngest and I headed into BCN to go ShoPpinG again.  Culture?   What's that, we shop it seems.

ANYWHO....I needed new runners and Youngest, headphones.

First though, an ice cream break.   The only problem with this photo is that it makes it seem like the double ice cream that Youngest had is smaller.  It isn't.  It's twice the size of my lemon one.

Urp.  Very nice ice cream it was too.

The running shoe hunt has so far proved rather hopeless.  I went to a local store on Fri, no luck, nothing that seemed really...right.

Then in today to the running store that the Man goes to all the time with tremendous success.  Seems that my feet are exceptionally large by the standards of Catalan women runners.  They had only two pairs that were theoretically my size and they were toooooo small.  So then they had me try on a bunch of men's shoes. My feet are toooooo small for mens shoes.  Frustration.

So, after doing some more shopping in BCN, successfully for Youngest's headphones, art supplies for Youngest, Eldest and me (PAPER!!!) and shorts and a new top for Youngest...we went home.

I c.r.a.s.h.e.d. in a delightful nap.

Then stubbornly I decided to go running in the shoes I have.  Longish story. A couple of years ago I bought runners to take up running.  They have now pretty much given their all, so I bought new ones a few months ago.  Only problem is that my knee started hurting with them.  Though that was also when I had a lot of longer walks and started riding the bike as well, so a little tricky to parse out exactly what was the culprit.

But, as I seem to be entirely unable to get trail running shoes that fit my feet in this country, I'm going to try out the -really fun and light and great to run in, but possibly hurt my knees - running shoes again.

Went today, short fun gentle run.  No problems,  fingers crossed.

I will probably buy some very cushioned mild trail runners in TO this summer for running on the road and a bit of trail.  They should have my size anyway.

Then Youngest and I went to the newly opened local bouldering gym, which we have been to every day this week (can you say obsessive?)  It is a whole lot of fun!

And there's still tomorrow in the weekend!  Weeee!!!!


Sam said...

sounds like a lovely weekend so far! how 'bout ordering off the net? if you like the original pair can't you just get the same ones? or is it to expensive to have them delivered? and "bouldering gym"? rock climbing maybe? looks like fun! I've always wanted to try that! : )

Anonymous said...

Strange, I've never been really attracted to bouldering... Not enough space around/above me, I guess :)

oreneta said...

Sam, I need different ones, now I'm running trail not on line ordering is not a go at the moment. The rock climbing is a blast and a half.

ElP, I agree, bouldering never attracted me before, but it's all there is at the moment, and it is fun to do with other people, social and you kind of make up routes and challenge each other to complete them!