Thursday, April 18, 2013

Barceloneta and the Passeig Maratim in sculptures

The other day the Man and I went into BCN on a photo assignment!  Kinda sorta.....

We had to take photos of sculptures in Barceloneta and the Old Port. 

What a hardship.  This is what most of it looks like, little narrow streets, apparently the apartments inside are very very small.

An accidental sculpture....still pretty cool

The market out there, supposed to look like waves I take it.

Love this sculpture.  Love it.

Another view

And another.  See?  I do love it.

Frank Ghery's fish...glowing in the sunshine

fish and sculpture.

Found this one and I LOVE it.  Have to figure out whose it is.


The other one again

This one was OK, and I'm pretty sure he's a fairly prominent Catalan sculptor, I haven't done the homework for you yet though.

This I love though it doesn't look like much.  The Catalans  have a name for every different wind, and there are a lot of them.  In the pavement near the port, the names are embedded in steel.  Love the idea and the fun of going to find and read them.

Lichtenstein's tribute to the city.

Columbus Monument with the woodwork of the boardwalk and Montjuïc!

Graffiti art

The couple.

Lovely traditional boats

OK, this is a ramp, but I think they did a nice job with it.

Someone or other and Columbus peeking over the building.

In the port

Ones, or waves over by the cruise ship port.

Near the Columbus Monument.

Columbus himself.

A monument to a group of US marines that died in the harbour here in BCN, they were coming back from shore leave in a boat which was hit by another ship and sank.  A lot of them died, and it is apparently the worst accident to have happened to the US Marines outside of wartime.

It was quite a while ago.  I'm thinking the 60s but I could be WAY off.

Well, this would have been a better post if I'd done a bit more of my homework, but there are only so many hours in the day.

Hope you liked the little mini-tour.

Should do something similar again.


thecatalanway said...

That's lovely - I also love the tower and the caged people. I've been thinking of doing this for ages and here you are actually getting it together! Well done!!! I will get off my *** and do another area soon. There are so many sculptures in Bcn and for me it's a pleasure to just concentrate on them.
SO you are back and now I am away - up in Glasgow! Perhaps I'll seek out some Glasgow sculptures today and post them. thanks!
We should meet Kate x

elpadawan said...

Very nice :). You know what, you should attach a camera to a kite, and fly it over this spot with the names of the winds embedded on the ground. And set the camera in continuous shooting, or movie recording :D

swenglishexpat said...

Aaaah! Makes me want to visit again. Last time was the year before the Olympic games. Boy has it changes since then. Thanks for the tour.

oreneta said...

Kate! Glasgow must be lovely, lots of friends to visit. I want to go and wander around Gracia and take lots of pictures too, I'm going to have to get organised and get that done!

ElP, now there's an idea....I bet there's a Youtube video that'd tell me how, no?


Debbie Rodgers said...

Beautiful! I had no idea that Barcelona had so much sculpture. I do like Ghery's fish!

oreneta said...

Debbie! The place is FILLED with it! I should do another sculpture tour, it is fascinating. Though I suspect that many cities have a lot and we just don't really see it.