Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sant Jordi and a temporary rose

Today is Sant Jordi here in Catalunya, the patron saint of Catalunya.

The tradition is that people buy each other roses and books.  I love this tradition I have to say, truly adore it.  The man and I went down to the plaça to look over the books.  meh.  The used ones were crap and the new ones were pricier than we felt we could spend.  We'll pick up a book for each other one of these days.

We picked each other roses from the garden and got a candy rose for Youngest.

At work, I got a couple of roses as well.  One is a miniature rose plant!!!   Lovely!  She's four.

Another little girl, five years old, leant me a rose.

I love this.  It is a plasticine rose that she made at school, really a very nice one, and she has given it to me till Thursday, then I have to return it so she can give it to her dad.

Well organised this child.


Sam said...

what a lovely tradition! and the little girl is a hoot! making the most of her rose! : )

Anonymous said...

Very nice tradition :). And that little girl sounds adorable. Hopefully you didn't have to leave a deposit for the rose loan :D

oreneta said...

Sam, it is a lovely tradition, I really like this holiday.

ElP, she's a scream...so far she hasn't asked for the rose back, so I'm now not quite sure what to do!

J.G. said...

This is such a beautiful tradition. I thought of you when I heard it was one reason they chose April 23 for World Book Night. If I am a giver next year, I plan to give out a rose with each book.

oreneta said...

I adore it too, if you ever come to visit BCN you should come at Sant Jordi when the center of the city is filled with stands selling books and roses. Nothing quite like it.