Monday, April 22, 2013

Difficulties bike riding

It has just gotten warm here, indeed during the last week, it was positively summery.

Folks flocked to the beach.  And as is typical here, many of the women were topless.  I am the freaky one, the hotter and sunnier it gets, the more I wear!

Now, I ride my bike back and forth along the beach to work three times a week, and during the winter, it is easy peasy, not too many people, pretty quite, some runners that's about it.

Last week though?  Goodness gracious me.

When we first got here, I thought that the guys would sort of get used to topless women at the beach, it would become something kinda normal.  Then I realised that no, they don't really, but whatever.

However!  The beginning of the year is a whole different thing.  The pedestrians are ok, they are walking slowly enough that they can gape and drool without missing much or changing direction violently.  The bicyclists though!!!!! They are going too fast to get a really good look, so when there is a lovely and extremely sparsely dressed young lady tanning on the sand, some fairly heavy braking occurs and the related swerving around as well.

As I do not find the view quite as, uh, titillating, my biggest problem is their suddenly erratic speed and direction.

These boys are both hard to avoid and hard to pass.

Maybe if I rode topless too?????


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha :D. Just get one of those freakishly loud horns that they use in soccer stadiums. Every time a guy brakes, you toot and scare the crap outta him. If he wants to enjoy a leisurely drool, he shouldn't be on bike. It's like drinking and driving. "Do not drool and drive". (and then, maybe he'll be arrested for DUHI: Driving Under Hormonal Influence) :)

oreneta said...

Padawan, I was looking forward to what you'd say to this post, I knew I'd get a laugh out of it and I SO did!

Maybe I should print up stickers to give them, "Warning, DUHI"


I should get one of those horns, that'd be really cool. In fact, I think Youngest has one somewhere in this house from a Barça game she went to.