Monday, April 29, 2013

marking a course

The other day I had the good luck to go out and mark a trail race.  Never done it before and it was genuinely fun.

Trail races are sometimes marked with chalk on the ground, but with this one, they decided not to do that and it was primarily marked with plastic tape, like the cops use, hanging from trees and branches to show the way.

Five of us set off together to do it.  We started out pretty slow, but gradually got our pace up and better organised.  Figuring out how we were going to mark the corners and the confusing patches.....

The only thing that really made it stand out from most similar days doing something like this was that it was POURING on us.

You may record that a few days ago, I was commenting on the topless women sunbathing on the beach.  Now we're back in winter coats with rain rain rain rain and more rain coupled with wind.

We had 20K of mud and slop and rain.

Wring out your underwear when you finish kind of rain.

I have not been so wet in quite some time.

Fantastic, like a kid.


Anonymous said...

I guess topless women taking a mud bath would also make bikers stop dead on their tracks :D

oreneta said...

I think you are absolutely correct!