Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Harry Potter, or Day 2, or the best day in Youngest's life.

Today, as far as Youngest was concerned was THE day.  And I have to confess I was pretty excited too.  My Aunt, Uncle and Cousin seemed pretty keen as well, even though it was a return visit.

Yes indeed, the Harry Potter Studio tour.  It was even cooler than I'd thought it could possibly be.  WAY.

I've read all the books (a couple of times), seen all the movies (a couple of times) have been on Pottermore (I'm in Ravenclaw, my wand is is 14 and a half inches made of Rowan wood with a Unicorn Heart string core and is reasonable supple), so you could probably safely say that I too am a fan.

I took a lot of pictures.  Sadly the lighting was kinda low so a lot of them are a bit blurred.

Here's a few:  (I took many more, so this is actually pretty restrained!)  If you're not an HP fan, you might as well go and make a cup of tea or something, or not, and maybe you'll be one by the end!

The bedroom under the stairs

Part of the entry into the castle

Slytherin robes

Ravenclaw robes

The great HALL!!!!!

Prof Flitwick, Mad-eye Moody, Prof Trelawny, Prof McGonagall, Prof Dumbledore, Snape, and Hagrid.

McGonigal and Dumbledor

Ron's bed with Harry's in the background

Ron's dress robes

The major wands


Various bits of amazing-ness

Snape in his rooms

The sorting hat

Mad-Eye Moody's trunk

Dumbledore's bedroom at the back of his office, fully furnished, but never fully seen in the movies, just glimpses!  AMAZING

Muggles under the new ministry


Umbridge's office

I solemnly swear I am up to no good!

How many millions of people half hoped to get one of these on their 11th bday?

Umbridge - tee hee!  *shudder*

The Potter house

THe NIGHT BUS!!!!!I got on board!!!!

Butter beer is YUMMY; though not warm.  Only slightly disappointing note in the entire day for Youngest

The bridge, didn't appear in the books, but it was a good innovation for the movies

A pawn...

Dumbledore's hands, a dwarf goblin from Gringott's bank, the one that Voldemort kidnapped, Griphook, Voldemort and Quirrel

Grawp, Hagrid's brother

DOBBY!  *sniff*

Look at the detail on those feet!




Olivander's!  LOOK AT ALL THE WANDS!

Fred and George's SHOP!

Puking pastilles!  The purple coming out of his mouth MOVED  :-))))

We finished the day off with Wii Mario Cart and take-away Indian food.  Fabulous day.  Simply fabulous.


Anonymous said...

*drool*. For the record, I never dreamt of getting the letter when I was eleven, because, well... I was already 17 when I discovered HP. Too late for me :p.
And are you sure it's a dwarf on that pic next to Quirrdemort? Looks more like one of the goblins from Gringotts :)

oreneta said...

Thank you! FIXED!!!

Drool indeed, it was marvelous.

Sam said...

Excellent pics! Thanks for the tour I'll have to make sure to get there next time I'm across the pond...looks amazing! xo

Anonymous said...

Very very jealous!!!