Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tea for two.

Lovely day, beach, breakfast with a friend, BCN with kids, out for lunch at a fabulous Pho place, got some new tea, work was good, a meeting with lots of laughter, and dinner at home that the kids 'waited' on us. Lovely lovely lovely.

This morning though.....the friend had bought new tea for breakfast and was a little dubious as to how good it would be.  So was I honestly.

Anyway, we'd both set the table, the tea was brewed, we sat down.  Poured out our tea, I put in sugar and milk, we chatted away, took a mouthful and started looking frantically for a place to spit it out.  Not the gardens (we were eating outside - I love Catalunya) so I ran in and spat it out in the sink.

The friend was a rather concerned that the tea was THAT bad!

but no.

Tea just doesn't taste all that great with salt in it.


J.G. said...

Oops! That's a classic, late, self-inflicted April Fool!

oreneta said...

I've done it with coffee too......

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha :D. I don't have the problem, I don't put sugar (or salt) in my tea. And when I will want to sweeten it (during winter, mostly, to prevent sore throats, and only ordinary black tea), I use honey :)

oreneta said...

Maybe I should copy you on this one and use honey...then again, we'd have missed a good laugh!