Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A day that feels like three.

A great three, but three.

Got up,

Went to work.


Watched my boss surf for a bit

Rode over to my English/Catalan class, (there is a story there that warrants it's own post - to come) but

stopped on the way at the bicycle store to talk to them about my brakes, that aren't braking, as in I've nearly rear-ended a car twice as they can stop so much faster than me.  I'm no longer stopping well at all.

The man at the store laid out the equipment, the cost and the time frame.

Left to go to class, thinking about it.

Walked back with my language buddy and dropped the bike off, walked back along the beach, went to his office to gather up our stuff and go for lunch as we were both starving and it was that time.

LOVELY lunch in the newly reappeared sun, then into BCN!

Went to Arts Santa Monica, which I love, but they only had one exhibition open, saw that.  No loo, so went to the Marine museum, where they had a loo (yeah!)

Had a look at a free exhibition there (meh) had a look at some bumph for another one, all in Spanish.  Um, sorry?  Discovered that some of it was in both languages, turned half of it over so the Catalan showed. Then discovered the rest was only in Spanish, turned the other half of the first batch to Catalan too.  I mean really.

Had a delightful wander through the Barri Gothic and then chocolate and xurros, before meeting the Man and his sister, renting a car for tomorrow, driving out of BCN, and hitting the bike store again, to pick up the now very stoppy bike.  I'm going to have to be rather careful not to do myself harm while I get used to it.

Rode home, walked immediately out the door to give the dog a quick spin for a pee, came back, hopped in the car to meet the Man and the rowing crowd in a bar for a drink.  LOVELY group of people, half watched Madrid fail to advance in the Champion's league and have promised to help a friend learn English, and invited a crowd to go bouldering on Saturday.

Home just in time for Correfoc!  Boom boom to follow.

As I said, that's got to be about three days worth of day in one.

I. am. tired.


Anonymous said...

Love the fireworks... How did all those things fit in a single day?

oreneta said...

ElP, honestly, I wasn't quite sure either, that's why I thought it warranted a post. I was pretty wiped at the end of it all!