Sunday, May 19, 2013

Canet de Mar to St Pol via Montnegre

I spent the day today working out a route to walk from Canet de Mar to St Pol (3.7 km on the beach) via Montnegre.  It ended up being 32K.

A wee bit longer, also we had an accumulated climb and descent of 2400 meters (that'll be about triple that in feet, so lets say 7200 feet.

We also had a bit of everything on the weather front, as you can see to start with, sunshine, clear skies and just warm enough to work up a bit of a sweat on the climbs. 

Below, we've already come up a fair way, and we're looking out over Canet de Mar, we then have to drop down quite a bit before climbing again! This time even higher.

A fair way up the next climb we came across this house..

One of the things I was doing was taking photos at the various junctions of the two people I was with going the way we needed to go.  Worked well as a reminder of the route.  Now I have to match it up with what the gps told me and what I see on the map...then do it again.

As you can see, we got rain above, then while we were having lunch, thunder and lightning.  When I took this picture, hail as well.

And fog.

Rained a wee bit.

Later, I figured out that I could stick my hand in the picture to help indicate the route, pretty clear, no?

Looking back to Montnegre, hidden in the clouds, where we'd come from.

OH LOOK!  Barcelona!  That wedge shaped mountain is Monjüic.

Two attractive houses in St Pol to round it all out!

Long day...wait, where did those last photos go...hold on....

Finished off the day with a double rainbow.  That doesn't happen all that often, now does it!


Anonymous said...

WHAT a photo of the boat on the beach! It just blew me away!
Can I make a copy, please, please and pin it on my fridge? Nothing in Riga compares. GM

Anonymous said...

I like how you can see the actual rain pouring from the clouds on the pic of Monjuic & BCN... Hope the camera didn't get wet :D

oreneta said...

GM, I'll send you a better resolution one, OK?

Got a little wet, but it still seems to be working......