Thursday, May 2, 2013

What happened on the ride over to class

Riding from work to class is along the beach.  For most of the route, it is fine, well packed sand, but there are patches, where...mmmm...not so much, and there are a couple of rieres that I have to cross.  A riera is an a river that only runs when it rains, and when it does, it often has quite a bit of water in it.  But it had been more drizzling here rather than RAINING, so I elected for the beach route on these marginal patches rather than beside the rather nasty road.

Now, when crossing these rieres at the beach, you dip down to them, usually about a meter, if it has rained, there's a couple of inches of water running to the sea, then you go up the other side.

I crossed a couple on my way to class.

One of them, however, looked a little murkier and deeper.  I paused and had a look at it and figured that at worst I'd wet my feet on the down-stroke of the pedal.

Rode in.

Umm, no.

Had to put both feet down as it was rapidly getting over the hubs and too deep to ride.

Well, since by now, both feet were already soaked, and it's only about 3.5 meters across, figured I'd walk on, the other option was a couple hundred meters of REALLY loose sand (sucks with a bike) or doubling back and then the road.  Feet are already wet, what the heck. Oh, I was wearing leggings as well.

Stepped off the bike, forged forward.

Got deeper,

and deeper

the bike was floating so the seat was nearly at my shoulder.

I'm not a short woman, at the deepest, the water got to my upper thigh.  That's about a meter deep!!!!

A wee bit wetter than I thought I'd get, but very very very funny.


Sam said...

sounds exhausting and damp! Love the pics...

oreneta said...

It was delightful and more than a little damp.....pretty darned funny too honestly, I mean really, how often do you step into a creek that nearly swallows you hole/whole???