Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a slightly frustrating tour of BCN

My sister-in-law was here for a few days recently, and we had a lovely time with her.  At one point she rented a car and we went off to visit some distant family, and on returning the car, we had some difficulties. It being May 1st, and with the current unstable situation, there were a *few* demonstrations, leading to some *ah* difficulty in returning the car, read a gigantic scenic tour of the city ending with me phoning a cab driver friend to find the other rental car office a little further from the action!

BUT, despite the rather irritating ending to an otherwise lovely day, I did get some photos of some cook architecture in BCN, entirely random, I could never ever repeat the route, and I'm not sure I could find some of this stuff again, but here it is!  More evidence that BCN is not just about old buildings.

This one is out in the Zona Universitaria, it was the Banca Catalana building, founded by Jordi Pujol.  The bank failed and now it is the offices of the editorial Planeta.  I like the plants.

The next two are somewhere nearish to Sants station, I will see if a friend of mine can help me with some better locations and some more info tomorrow (no go!)  BUT I found the article I had read about

In a plaça, possibly Francesc Macià, but also, possibly not.

In Barceloneta, up from the beach a bit

There was a gorgeous street statue I didn't get a photo of as a bus parked between us and it at the light, I'll have to go back for that one. Maybe by Oriol Buigas (?) or Mackay (?)

Again, the Barceloneta area, these are all kind of near the cinema that shows movies in Original version, as in, in English!

The next two are two halves of the same building, not sure I like it, but it is interesting.

There you go, an entirely random bit of BCN architecture, with a little art tossed in.  MUST GET TO BCN again soon!


elpadawan said...

Love the green-covered building! Kinda like nature reclaiming its rights :)

oreneta said...

I've read about the second building in an international architecture mag....then I just drove by it.