Saturday, May 18, 2013

GRs and trail markers

That picture above, looks so simple, it is the trail marker for GR routes in Spain, and I assume in much of Europe.  A GR is a hiking route of 'gran recorregut' as in it goes a very very very long way.

I have walked a fair distance along a variety of these GRs, but they are sign posted with this very simple mark, often painted on stones.  If you are going into a turn off you shouldn't be taking they take the two lines and make an X of them.

Clear and simple.

What has happened for me, however, is that I find I have developed a remarkable affection for these signs.  The very long walk I did several weeks ago was marked with these, and when marching along in the dark on your own, these signs are MOST welcome.

So, a picture and a post, for two little marks, that are so very reassuring.

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Anonymous said...

As a boy scout, during my teenage years, those were very very welcome signs indeed. Especially when you're soaking wet with a map that you don't dare take out of the bag for fear of having it soaked in two minutes either... Those were fun times :D