Sunday, May 12, 2013

Youngest and I indulged in some C*A*N*D*Y*!

One of the interesting things about living in a different place, is different candy.  All of the below is soft and gummy textured, with some variations.

The frogs?  Kinda lemon-y

This one, a little....meh...

The brain was actually kinda yucky textured....

Vampire teeth!!!

Hot, not just in looks!

fine, you know, it's candy, how bad can it be?

Gooey in the middle, yum.

This one is harder and has a strong licorice flavour, love these.

A gooey in the middle pillow...


This was a little too gooey in the middle, weird in a croissant.  Then again, croissant candy is kinda weird too.

This one is sour, there is quite a lot of sour candy, but I'm not that keen, so we didn't get so much


Licorice with creamy filling stuff.  Good.


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thecatalanway said...

you are brave doing this experiment! But where did you get such unusual things? In the local shop? all I see here are those long stringy things and various bags of jellies.

I am hopeless at the moment writing my blog - something is blocking me but I'll be back and meanwhile thank you for such loyal commenting! I really appreciate it. See you sometime soon I hope Kx