Thursday, May 16, 2013

Canet de Mar

The man and I took an excursion to Canet the other day, beautiful town, with TONS of Modernist buildings.  If you've thought of visiting the ones in BCN, Canet has some that are well worth the visit too.  This is Casa Roure, designed by Lluís Domenèch i Montaner, you'll see more of this later.

The town hall, subject of another blog post...

A Mondernist building on the other side from the town hall, this may have belonged to the family of a friend, I'll have to ask about that.

This was an old derelict factory, that I tried to take photos of over the wall they've built in front of it to keep people from going in, then I stuck the camera, completely blind, through a drain hole in the bottom of the wall, and look what I got.  Cool photo.

So you don't think that every building in Canet is Modernist, I quite like these, particularly the slightly un-uniform layout and the colours.

Another building up at the top of the town, now a restaurant.

Older somewhat more traditional houses for normal folks.

This was in Domenèch i Montaner's house, in the old kitchen for the Masia, which interestingly used to be the Center for the Catalan Architecture College,  a friend remembers bringing projects in here. Seriously cool.

I have no idea what this is, and there is quite a deep hole under it.  A well?

The Architect himself.

Modernist architecture/design worked with many wonderful materials, including iron


and stained glass, this shot below from Casa Roure where we went for lunch.

This was his home, the second one he designed here, those staircases lead to where the grandchildren lived.  Would those stairs not be seriously fun to go up and down!?!?!?

View out of the first floor window looking down the main walking street to the sea.  Two of the buildings he designed are on the left.

The roof in part of Can Roure, sadly it is blurred, the light was quite low and I didn't take the time do get a good photos.  Shame on me.

This rather more modern balcony treatment!

Not sure those are load bearing, no?

Classic image from Canet I suspect.

Wonderful day out and well worth the visit if you every get the chance!


Anonymous said...

Marvelous pics! Looks like a really lovely city to visit...

oreneta said...

t'was....good thing too as I'll be going back there twice more at least!