Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kayaking! on the Ebre!

The fun never stops!!!!

Got invited to go kayaking down the Ebre....and it was DELIGHTFUL!

Here, see???

Slept on the floor in a community centre the night before, I've had better nights, but I've had worse too, and there was a loo....

Getting organised the next day

I do like poppies quite a lot

Wish I could remember their name in Catalan.

Heading downstream

Lots and lots of us heading downstream!

Up some creeks.....

Past some buildings, pls note the mountains in the background that were also calling out to me!

Went through a lock, kinda fun with a lock so very full of kayaks!

Quite colourful!

Stopped for a lunch, fideuà!

Here's pa amb tomaquet and mussels to start things off, oh and embotits and salad, which didn't make it in the photo...

The the fideus!

We had ice cream for afters and there was coffee and wine with lunch as well.  Not the typical North American spread for a mid-voyage lunch.  Love Catalunya, I do.

This is a friend's photos, arriving in Tortosa!

A lovely outing.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


Jan said...

Sounds as though you may have gone down our bit of the Ebre. Did you go past the nuclear? We love fideua, you can buy a kit from the supermarket now!

Anonymous said...

Love the crowded lock :). Going out in the wild, to get stuck in traffic all over again? :D
And I think the word you're looking for is Cascall?

J.G. said...

The contrast between the natural areas and the buildings is so dramatic. It looks like a fabulous time, and there's no more scenic way to work up an appetite.

oreneta said...

Now Jan, we were a bit further down.....and fideua is gorgeous...which reminds me, I should make some again....mmmmmm

ElP, it was a big group, which has a certain pleasure to it too, not all the time, but it was fun with so many folks! and it is a cascall, though people have told me rosella, they seem to be two very closely relates species of 'papavers', the cascall is the opium poppy in English, while the rosella is another one. The Flanders or red poppies....

Great learning something new!

JG, it is a land of contrasts! It was a wonderful trip.