Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bitty bits chasing me.

I have a meeting today with THAT teacher. I am so looking forward to this. Not.

Yesterday she managed to leave work early five minutes early at lunchtime, but that left the kids alone and unsupervised in their classroom until ten past when I sent eldest in to get my kid. The music teacher had sent them back to their classroom, and there was no one there.


I have to bring up some of the other issues as well. I have to make this post short so I can make some notes about what I want to get across to this woman. It's making me feel like I have a mental build up...pressure inside.


I have been knocking stuff off my list with a vengeance, but it all kind of sucks. I found myself in the grocery store. In my hand was a beautiful piece of watercolour paper. You know what was on it? The grocery list, and some sums for my taxes. It was like a sign that I am not using my precious time and resources well. A call to action.
Maybe tomorrow I'll be caught up enough to deal with it.
The man is in the same boat at work. Too many little bitty bits of unrelated things to do. It is so hard to keep track of them all. So unfocused.


Beth said...

Well, at least you had a list - that's a good start.
It is hard to stay focused when there is so much to do.
Bet you can't beat this - a couple of years ago I was running around doing a million little chores and ended up in the grocery store wearing my shirt inside out. No one mentioned it. I still cringe remembering it.

Hope the meeting went well!

Dorky Dad said...

I wish you luck at the meeting, but I guess by now that luck would be "belated." So, uh ... good belated luck. Or something. Anyway, I'd have probably done the same thing with the watercolor paper, but only because I can be flaky.

And I've tagged you, by the way.

oreneta said...

Beth: Your right, I am a step ahead because I have a husband gets other people putting stuff on his list, and has less control over what to do first...

I remember being somewhere with a shirt inside out, but my kids were teeny tiny, and I remember not being able to summon the energy to care.....

That would be emberassing.

DD: Not today...probably tomorrow.