Saturday, May 19, 2007

Let's go to the beach, oh baby....

Took the dog for a walk this morning, and ended up being invited in for coffee at a friend's house. I did NOT cruise by her place, she saw me from MILES off, and waved me down, which was lovely. Her daughters had crustless white bread slathered in butter and liberally sprinkled with chocolate for breakfast, along with a glass of milk. I got a cup of very strong coffee *bzzzzzz* and a smallish croissant oozing stuffed full of nutella kinda creamy goo



Quite the breakfast.

The girls and I went to the beach, the man went into BCN looking for shoes, but came home with books. So like him.

Girls and I stopped and had ice cream...I got tourrons and truffles, one child got Ferraro Roche and truffle, the other truffle and chocolate. mmmmmmmmmmmm

The kids swam, were horrified by all the topless women, and horny guys making out with their girlfriends...shrieked, jumped in the waves and generally had a good time, although they had a bad bout of homesickness for the boat and the Bahamas when a sailboat cruised by off the beach. I was horrified by a women publicly depiliating her boyfriend's back with a pair of tweezers, not 20 feet from us..she then moved onto her eye-brows...eeeewwwwwwww. Can't you do that at home?

I also cruised by a clothing store that had been recommended to me and got a gorgeous, with narrow diagonal stripes and an embroidered neckline.
happy happy happy....

The mayoral race continues...they seem to conduct it with numerous festas..what a surprise...I've been given a t-shirt. There is a chocolatada in the placa tonight, there is music, and there was last night as well, there is a boutiffarada in a park tonight...a type of sausage....and more tomorrow. They'll haul out the gegants and bouncy castles and and and....

Can I be bought? We'll never know, I can't vote.


Beth said...

The food, Oreneta, the food!!! YUM!

nad I think those tunnels are scary as hell! There could be ....people living in there or something, and they eat humans....I need to stop watching movies late at night.

Beth said...

Did you find all that sea glass on the beach?!!!! Man, I found 3 little pieces once and thought I was in Heaven!!