Sunday, May 6, 2007

Futbol and cars, a post for the guys?

I don't know what is going on with blogger, I have been locked out of my site most of the day, and out of all of your comment boxes...what karmic sin did I commit?


We went to watch a futbol match last night, and I am sorry, I know I was raised in the hard core school of hockey, but these guys are a bunch of whining wimpy children...babies. I mean Holy Jeez. This game SUCKED. They were falling down and taking dives over everything, a big bunch of BABIES. I hate to sound so horribly cliched but I really did feel like standing up and shouting at them all to shake it off and take it like a man...I will admit I was a little surprised at this highly gender biased comment that surged forth in me, but OMG these guys whined and whined and whined.

From the admittedly little 'futbol' I have watched, I am developing the impression that these guys are a bunch of princesses taking a dive at any opportunity in the hopes of getting a whistle.


Bunch of wimps.

You may notice in the photo that the ref was a woman....she didn't have any linesmen to help. She must have given out about 7 yellow cards, and red carded one of the coaches, possibly two as well as a player. It wasn't a very clean game, and the coach got carded for sexist comments...I clearly heard 'chica' ....girly....then again, how often have you seen a woman's ref given the chance at a man's game, hockey, baseball football or basketball?


Beth is getting a little haunted by marmots all of a sudden... I seem to be having a synchronistic experience with Southern men....I posted about hanging out with them yesterday, and look who pulled into town!

To some of you this may look like a pretty average vehicle, but let me tell you, it's a whiplash builder here as people turn to stare....

On another topic, the man and I are debating radical surgery on the toasted shoe...A webostomy... I think it will involve the surgical attachment of a strip of webbing to the inside of the strap...hopefully I can do it so that it is reasonably comfortable...Pictures will appear to show the process if I can pull it off.

Cross your fingers for me.

I finally made it up into the is so lovely. It takes a bit of doing, Chuck wants to stop and sniff every single plant on the way. Once I get him going it is OK, but getting him moving takes some convincing...

A big bit of good news, they got a computer into younger child's class so that she can do some Catalan work while all the other students are also doing Catalan. As I said before, I am not bitter, so I will resist the temptation to mention that there are only 6 weeks of school left. Better a little late than nothing at all.

One of my adult male students was, I think, trying to say to me that the class was challenging and interesting. He is at a very early stage study. What he did say was that I was very interesting but not easy.

I should hope not!

God only knows what equivalent horrors I have uttered.


Beth said...

Ha! Told you your ranting would come back to haunt you! How weird that someone would have their truck shipped overseas (from the South) - and it would end up near you!
On the marmot front - yesterday one of my kids was playing a computer game - it was recommended (by who? I dunno - I don't "get" these games) that he use a marmot as a secret weapon in a battle. That's day three of marmot stuff. Geez.
Best of luck with the surgery/webostomy! You're a desperate woman.

Beth said...

well, I guess 6 weeks with a computer is better than nothing, right?

I bet people in Spain don't know what to do about that truck!

Anonymous said...

Too funny about those wimpy futbal players! Hahaha I thought Spanish men were all about "machismo"...I guess not these guys.

Dorky Dad said...

Having recently lived in South Carolina for about 6 years, I can tell you that at least 50% of the vehicles down there look just like that from the backside.

A number advise, "if you don't like it down here, go back where you came from". Which is actually rather good advice. So we did.

oreneta said...

To marmot lady from Southern far today....nothing, we'll see what happens.

Beth: Not a clue, although they also probably don't know what all of it refers to..

Trish: I think it's a football thing...just part of the sport I guess. Makes a crappy game though.

DD: I always liked the "don't mess wtih Texas" ones myself...