Monday, May 14, 2007


Aren't these cool? I saw them the other day, and they are the homes and hunting lairs of spiders......I have to do some homework on what types of spiders they are, but presumably they notice something bumbling across the bits of web outside and leap out and grab them, dragging them back into their lair....

We had the most spectacular weather today, it has been hot and hazy, and then it got more and more grey and then black out...then it let loose....thunder, pounding rain, lightning....the works. It was incredibly windy as well. Then it was over, and it is a beautiful clear sunny day...still very wind and hot, a bit like living in a blow drier....feeling a little parched.

This is the center of a round-about in the industrial part of town. Doesn't look like much, but all of those plants in it, the low ones, are lavender. You would not believe how good the smell is. Chuck was all excited as well, and rather difficult to walk with the rain must have brought life to a thousand old smells, he wanted to sniff and pee EVERYWHERE....we had rather a slow walk.

More political graffiti....Franco is dead....and the Catalan flag.

It has been a quiet day overall, work and chat and I just had a long telephone meeting with the friends we are creating the camp with for the is looking very good, we have hired the main counsellor and we are taking it from there....I am getting excited about it all. The girls are as well.

Now I have still more work again....only two classes tonight tomorrow we may go into BCN, I am not sure how many of us at this point. My god-mother made lunch for us all which was absolutely lovely, and she has brought us some delicious bread from up in Northern Europe.

Lucky us!

Gotta run, literally


Beth said...

Okay, that freaked me out! I HATE spiders!

My youngest had to make a "spider habitat" and keep a spider for a number of weeks. He found one at his school, in the woods and brought it home. We found out it was a Wolf Spider and they bite....and they are BIG. so, he keeps this spider and we feed it flys and all kinds of crap...comes time to let it go, and THE DUMB KID LETS IT GO OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE!!! Now we have wolf spiders when we didn't have them before...and they are all over the place. I smack him in the head everytime I see one.

Beth said...

Yours is the third blog I've read in the past few days dealing with spiders! What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love that lavender...I've never seen so much of it in one place before and to think it is beside a road in an industrial park?!

It must have smelled devine.

Terrie Thompson said...

what camp did I miss something?
Are you still going home over the summer. Robbie is excited he has two weeks of school left.

oreneta said...

Beth: I don't mind spiders that much, but I love the image of you smacking him in the head every time you see one. LOL

Beth: Uh OH, first Marmots, now spiders...what next?

Trish: They use lavender and rosemary for the borders on all sorts of things...I stayed on a lavender farm in the south of France once...I am sure it changed my dreams even.

Terri: Friends in Canada who are actors and playwrites and dancers and choreographers and directors are putting together a small camp with a bunch of their professional buddies as well as themselves as instructors and they are going to help the kids and instruct the kids as they write, costume, make the sets for and create a piece of theater that they will put on at the end of the month... it should be neat. We have six weeks left. You folks end earlier. Gonna go to a beach?