Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eldest update.

We went off the the gastroenterological specialist today for the results of the battery of test that were done when we stayed overnight in hospital a few weeks ago.

In the meantime we also went and got anther ultrasound done to be sure that she hasn't torn an abdominal muscle, on the recomendation of one of the pediatricians.

Nope. Muscles are fine, everything checks out fine.

Physically, all is clear.


She has massively elevated immunoglobulin levels, which the doctor said and I have confirmed with google medicine, implies either an allergic reaction, or a parasite; as this started in the Bahamas, and I have a wicked family history of allergies...

We have our name in the queue for an appointment with an allergist...the gastro guy seemed to think that the allergist can look for parasites. Now, I don't know what medicine is like here, but I always thought that parasites were the task of, oh, say a parasitologist, or tropical disease specialist. I will be calling the man's cousin who is a pediatrician for some info on this, and then going to our local doctor for a referral to another specialist I suspect.

Still, all in all, I am actually pretty content. Nothing is physically wrong with her actual body. If it is a parasite, we can kill it; if it is an allergy, we can avoid it, and we have a two avenues of investigation to follow.

Plus the first actual definitive clue, as opposed to the endless shoulder shrugs..."No sé"

"I don't know."

Now maybe we can start to know.


Beth said...

Parasite or allergy - neither is pleasant but what an incredible relief to know - and that they can be dealt with.
And, yes, I would want someone other than an allergist checking for the parasite.
Hope she hasn't had any attacks lately.

elPadawan said...

hopefully, it's either one of them, and you won't have to worry anymore about some mysterious unknown lifelong disease.

Hope everything will work out for the best ;)

kate said...

Yes, this is a relief, though it will be even more so when you have the final diagnosis and get it treated/know what to avoid. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What a relief after almost a year of searching and agonizing!
Good for you for not giving up!
Hope the pedriaticina relative provides solid advice where to go and who to consult so that this last stage gets set in motion quickly and painlessly.
Hope that humungous elephant has finally dropped off your back, that sense of fear and dread gnawing at your soul.

I'm so happy for all of you I could dance a jig. HURRAH! GM


Theresa said...

I'm glad to hear that the doctors are finally getting somewhere, but it does sound strange for an allergist to be looking for parasites, especially if you think it could be a tropical one. Maybe once they rule out allergies they'll send her to someone who specializes in tropical diseases. Anyway, good luck with it.

Nomad said...

Yes thinking of you all, and missing you too!

Have you asked re H. Pilori? Also a big connection (I just discovered) to this bacterial infection and the lowering of the the incidence of allergies, just random reading I think the CBC...anyhow good luck!

Trish said...

Wow, well neither sounds very fun but at least it's getting narrowed down.

oreneta said...

Beth, it is a relief to have a route to follow up....and nice to have proof for all the folks who said to her that it was all in her head. Made her crazy that one.

elPadawan, mysterious lifelong ailment...precisely what we were all fearing. Now at least we have hope that we can manage it, rather than being ambushed by it.

Kate, no question, this is only a step on the route, but it is a good one.

GM, I am jigging right along side!

Theresa, a friend here is looking at the tropical disease clinic...it may be an immunologist as opposed to an allergist...still seems weird. I am, at a low level, very very frustrated at not being able to talk to the Drs directly. By the same token, I am very glad to have all of these wonderful folks to help me.

Nomad, they, I believe, ruled out H. Pilori....that is one of the things they looked for..I think, so you are right on track.

Trish, at this stage, I am not worried about fun...I would welcome a (murderable) parasite, if only we could be RID of it.

dawn said...

That is so great you have finally got it narrowed down to two things and it is relatively easy to take care of. Good to hear it.

oreneta said...

Dawn, how are your kids' mystery ailments doing? I presume reasonably well as they are all off with Sirdar...

dawn said...

T's throat got better and his knee swelled up again, but he started to think he may have overextended it when sitting on the bed crossing his knee over the other for too long. Z didn't have a problem after that one day. It was just weird how it was happening at one time. Still don't know what would have caused Z's neck to swell like that.