Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Marital wisdom

The man and I were sitting around, as usual engaging in a highly intellectual discussion about the state of the nation in, oh.... say.... 300 BCE, when we came up with this, try saying it five times fast:

Run round Roman ruins

Go ahead, try!

I debated expanding to 'Rory's rather rathfully running round risky Roman ruins'

but I think the first is best.


Beth said...

First you have me trying out strange hand gestures and now this. I'm such an easy mark.
(And that is hard to say - and funny.)

Beth said...

Now, THAT is some sophisticated comversations Rocky!!!!

Rocky runs round Roman ruins....Rocky runs round Roman ruins...

elPadawan said...

funny, it's not that difficult... Perhaps because french Rs are harder to pronounce than english ones, so it's easy for me. Though you remind of woodchucks, with your funny sentence :).

I'm sure you know the woodchuck rhyme. In France, we have "Un chasseur sachant chasser doit savoir chasser sans son chien" (Lit. A hunter who can hunt must know how to hunt without his dog).

Theresa said...

Peter piper picked a peck of pickled that that's out of the way, I must say you have some interesting conversations at your house. :)

Anonymous said...

nazywam sie grzegorz brzeczszczkiewicz gmina lekolody powiad chrzaszczyce baczyce
ok - you have to admit polish tops everything!
and it is only someone's name and address.

dawn said...

Well, I don't find it so easy without practise. At drama camp we have to do tongue twisters as an exercise sometimes.

Helen said...

i agree that Polish tops everything having had to sing a song in Polish which was not a tongue twister. However the French one succeeded in twisting my tongue very successfullly. I think 'ss' is harder than r or p tongue twisters. But I have never got far with "Red lorry yellow lorry" - even slow it is tricky

oreneta said...

Beth, I always aim to please!

Bullwinkle, we are undoubtedly eternally intellectual over here *snort*! I think you improved the tongue twister though.

elPadawan, I am blowing you a Canadian rasberry for your difficult French r's, the Catalan ones are brutal as well, and most likely related.

Theresa, then there is, she sells sea shells at the sea shore....

Anon, Polish, without a doubt beats all, though is that a special tongue twisting name and address, or just plain typical?

Dawn, the kids love that, there is a brand her, kukuxumusu that is very popular and hard to say, the x is an sh sound so it really sounds like takes a bit or practice.

Helen, I've never heard the red lorry yellow lorry before, ut as I try it, it is indeed brutal...though I recall ones that were popular when I was a kid that had the joy of ending up with words that were rude once you started saying them fast.