Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I just spent some time doing searches over on there is a place you can spend a lot of time without even knowing it.

But now.

I find.

I don't.

know what to say.

It has been.

a very.

muddled day.

Youngest went off for three days

with school.


Chuck is afflicted....visited the lovely vet.

lunch with ladies and kids....laughed, and joked, and ate, and talked.

worries/plans for school next year


Did the students know?

Adolescence. *gasp*


Aging parent. *Sigh*

Missing youngest.

Wordless late at night.


hulagirlatheart said...

I'm feeling a little wordless this week as well. I haven't even been listening to the radio in the car that much. I understand.

Beth said...

Wordless days happen. I figure my brain is just taking a rest.
I have taken note of the word "grumfulled." I love it.

Lynda said...

I too am having an odd time with the writing... but do plan on stealing the word Grumfulled...

Sit infront of the blank screen... see what comes

I am also missing BIG daughter that stayed behind when we moved os... just this week, all of a sudden...

oreneta said...

Hula, sometimes saying nothing is the best solution.

Beth, grumfulled was exactly how I felt...not quite grumpy, not quite rumpled, nor ruffled, but a bit of all of it and something else it arrived. I guess I wasn't totally wordless as I made a useful one up.

Lynda, I sometimes do sit in front of a blank screen and see what comes, often something quite worthwhile after I have thought a bit...big daughter is a pretty grown up big daughter isn't she? I think so....I would be delighted if you used grumfulled sometime, licenced to creative to speak.

dawn said...

I am rarely without words. I have a difficult time with titles sometimes. I have some clever thing in my head by can't conjure up the exact words I know I am looking for. For instance today's post (Sunday now), I was looking for the word Reconciling. Could not come up with it at the time. I have Contrasts in Nature, but was trying for Reconciling Outdoors, Indoors or somethings like that. Truthfully, I came up with Reconciling here, but the rest is still foggy. I will probably think of the rest in my sleep. Still too late.