Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spears and paint

Along with going to see Guy Clark play last night, youngest came back from her trip away at school. She was just a wee bit tired. She arrived home, virtually silent, at 5:45 and was asleep by 6:00. The babysitter woke her up for dinner at 9pm, then put her back to bed at 11. She slept till 8am, and was fairly civil today.

She spent her three days running around in the mud in the mountains with far too little clothes on (she mostly packed shorts, and it was around 4 degrees Celsius) eating tons of sugar and making neolithic weapons. She made a candle, a neolithic fur cleaner/knife, she shot a bow and arrow, she threw spears, using an atlatl, which is a second shorter stick with a notch at the end, that lets you throw the spear much further as you have a longer lever...or another joint in your also, according to youngest, makes it much harder to aim. They look like this...'

We will be making one of those soon I think.

She also made paint from soil and water, though not from blood to her relief, and painted with it...she had a fantastic time overall, which was great. We may have to go to the Basque region and see some of the cave paintings there!

She is bringing most of the stuff home on Monday, I'll post some pics then.

I cannot even remember what we are doing tomorrow, Eldest wants to go to a gallery. We'll see.

Hope you had a lovely day!




elPadawan said...

sounds interesting :).

I had a... tiring day, as you may have guessed. All about the climb on my blog at midnight EST :p.

Thanks again for your support ;)

Beth said...

I wish I'd had school trips like that. It sounds not only interesting and educational - but fun!

oreneta said...

elPadawan, I am sure it was tiring, but you posted an amazing time! Feliçitats!

Beth, the schools here sometimes suck, and I am overwhelmed by the sheer monotonous nature, especially all the senseless memorisation....and then they do something cool like this!

dawn said...

Sounds like a great educational trip, and exhausting for a young one with so much fresh air and exercise.