Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Language and religion (God forbid)

It's after midnight.

I am (once again) up far too late.

For a while today, I thought I might be able to get my workplace on side for providing some kind of drop-in program for kids who want some help with homework. It is a business, so I wasn't going to get them down to where it is free, but very cheap.

I am not sure it is going to fly, nor am I sure why; but I find myself disappointed.

I think it would be neat if it pulled together, and useful, and I think it could work really well.

I get frustrated by my lack of language, I get lost and confused, and confuse others as well. I don't know if it isn't going to come together because of my lack of language, my inability to communicate my vision, or because it isn't an idea that would work here; though I find that boundlessly pessimistic.

More head-scratching is in order I think.

On that head-scratching note, why is it that mono-theistic religions feel superior to poly-theistic religions? Something I keep pondering. It is almost presented as a Darwinian inevitability...the natural evolution of the process, but I find myself wondering why this is viewed within monotheistic religions as a positive evolution.

Why is that?

Just thinking.


dawn said...

Wow, lots of head scratching going on over there. I can understand your frustration with the language barrier. I can't imagine having to speak in a different language to communicate more than 'where is the toilet'. It will probably come with time. I think the program could work anywhere, once started. Have no clue about your last pondering.

Bluestreak said...

Reminds me of one of my earlier posts (i.e. rants) about my life here too. And here comes a giant generalization, BUT, I find people here to be critical of new things, new ideas, or supporting people that want to venture into unknown territory. As the saying goes, "Mejor malo conocido que bueno por conocer". You have to have a lot of stamina to confront that aspect of the culture. Don´t give up, I guess is what I´m saying.

Regarding the religion thing, maybe monotheism is viewed positively because its a question of control and order, which is associated with more "advanced cultures" (the quotes mean i don´t buy into that at all). I suppose a culture feels more in control if they have one god to plea to, blame, etc. In polytheism there are too many unknowns and "modern" cultures can´t handle that, being obsessed with scientific discovery, progress, etc. Although if you look at Japan my whole argument goes to crap, so....hmmmmm....I don´t know.

elPadawan said...

I can relate so much on the language barrier frustration. I feel it every time I go to Czech Republic, and have to have my personal interpret with me, and if she's not there, I'm at a loss. (Though not in Prague, they speak a pretty good english in there).

About the religion, I'm not sure that mono-theistic religion feel superior to just poly-theistic religions specifically. I rather think they just consider themselves superior to whoever doesn't share THEIR religion. Is it because those religions are patriarchal and men are ruthless belligerent jerks? Maybe.

Beth said...

You certainly were thinking last night. After midnight, my thoughts never get that profound.
Sorry to hear your wonderful idea might not pan out. But don't despair - and keep on pursing those amazing dreams/plans.

traveler one said...

Someone once said "The limit of my language is the limit of my world" and I think it applies so much to expat life. It's the most frustrating thing.

oreneta said...

Dawn, I felt better about my language skills today when one of the other Moms came up to me today and told me that SHE couldn't understand some of what he said...well, if she can't as a native speaker....

Bluestreak, thanks for coming by...I find it even trickier to counter because the idea was shot down based on criticism of the people here! Not the idea. Strange....your thinking about orderlyness is fruitfull...I am continuing to ponder this one...

elPadawan, Czech, sister learned can be done...I am not going to touch the guys are jerks comment, m'kay?

Beth, thanks, I am just going to have to think of other routes and ideas...

Kim, Got it in one there with that quote. So frustrating sometimes.

elPadawan said...

hahaha :D. Yeah, feel free not to touch the guys are jerks comment. It's being written by a guy, so I'm allowed the gender-self-deprecation :)