Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Youngests Neolithic work...

She made the clay, as in dug it out, and mixed in the straw.

She filled the molds.

She built the walls.

She laid the roof!

Then she made the pot...I like the seashell decorations.

She also made a candle that I forgot to take a picture of, tomorrow.

Then we looked at pictures of adobe brick work on the internet...from the Pueblo Indians in the US SW, to the Roman Coliseum, which apparently has some, buildings in Burkina Faso, modern houses in the US, and structures in South America.

Pretty cool!

Now we just need a bit of land, and she can build us a mortgage free home! And the pots, lights and dishes to go with it.


Beth said...

Well done! My favourite is the pot.
Continue to encourage her creativity and you might just very well find yourself with a mortgage free home!

elPadawan said...

50 years later: "so, Mrs Youngest, what made you want to become an architect?
- when I was little, I went to neolithic camp, and..."

That would be cool, wouldn't it?

Beth said...

can she build me one too, when she's done with yours? we could be neighbors!!!

oreneta said...

Beth, I like the house...the shells on the pot are pretty cool too...

elPadawan, it WOULD be probably happens too, I bet a lot of people have a seminal experience like that which does send them down a route they otherwise might not have gone....

Beth....Neighbours!!! THAT would RULE!!!

dawn said...

Very nice work. She could put the house in a fairy garden. My kids have done one for a couple of years. Oldest J has hers in an old wheel barrel that sits on the patio. She built a log cabin, by hewing logs (small branches) to link together then filling the cracks with mud. She made a pond and has a gazing ball (marble on a golf tee) and a stone arbour with a pebble path. Small plants are the trees. It is a fun thing for kids to do and can even be done in a basket. I read about it in a magazine a couple years back.

I like the shell print on the pot as well.

oreneta said...

Dawn, what a neat idea! I'll mention it to her! Thanks.