Thursday, April 17, 2008

Times ten

Swedish Expat had this meme up over at his site, and since I am still unsure about quite what to I seem to have too much so instead I'm going to play along, it seems kind of fun...

Ten seconds ago, I was switching the breaker back on for the power in our place after the lightning, thunder, rain and hail storm that Chuck and I were out in...please note it is sunny now.

Ten minutes ago I was doing dishes while waiting for my chai to brew, in my undies with a towel on my head, having dried off the dog and left him lying on his towel.

Ten hours ago I was asleep in bed, is that possible? Let me do the math again....yes, seems I was. *shocked horror*

Ten days ago I was walking in the mountains with youngest on her free day off, and planting a chestnut tree up there too.

Ten, wait, do I do weeks here or what...must look....yes, though I wasn't supposed to do hours...but what the heck...OK, ten weeks ago I was *woah there's a ton on that day* I was working and running about a million errands, plus I had some kids over for lunch along with ours.

Ten months ago I was here in Spain and we had lunch at a friends house I think, we were just about to leave for Canada.

Ten years ago...goodness gracious, give me a moment here...Eldest was tiny, we were living in Toronto, life was settled and pleasant, I was working from my home.

Now..the other way,

Ten seconds from now I will be typing or proof-reading; or sipping my chai.

Ten minutes from now I will be getting ready to go pick up eldest from school and by her gooey bakery goods as an openly acknowledged bribe about the after-school Spanish class that she hates.

Ten hours from now I will be once again sleeping (I sincerely hope)

Ten days from now I will be hanging out with my kids and my dog and my husband at home, by and large.

Ten weeks from now I will be (have you noticed how good this would be as an ESL exercise? All this practice with pasts and futures) grading and judging oral exams. Yee gawds.

Ten months from now (I am starting to feel superstitious about this, like I should knock on wood for each of these I wills...)I am planning on being (see, I am superstitious, I may have to change the others too.) in Spain, probably teaching, walking the dog, the usual stuff.

Ten years from now? I cannot even guess. I cannot even narrow it down to a continent. I will be more weathered after ten years with teens, I hope I will be stronger in mind, if not in body. Chuck will be a very old dog, and I will be older too. I hope I will have accomplished a bunch of things I want to do, take the kids to India, walk the Santiago de Compostella, sailed, swum, dreamt, I don't know what all, hope it will be as good as the last ten. I hope I will not have had to face anything too dreadful. Fingers tightly crossed.

As my Mom mentioned in an e-mail today, *drawn breath*


Michele said...

i have a question for you. could you email me at rmvisseratshawdotca.

if you'd like.


elPadawan said...

an interesting exercise. Though I would be stuck for the "ten months" part. It's a big question tag right now :).

And it doesn't work with people under 10 ;)

Lynda said...

You did well... I saw this over at Swenglish's blog and as I struggle to remember what I had for breakfast, decided it was just too hard.

Beth said...

In terms of "10's" - past and future, your life sounds pretty darn good!

traveler one said...

I'm with Lynda- it seemed a bit too challenging- LOL!! But I might break down and do it one day soon.

Beth said...

good lord woman!! that's just tooooo much work! and who can remember back that far? what's my name again?

oreneta said...

Michele, I'm working on it....

elPadawan, heck, most people under 10 have trouble with the concept of 10 hours...completely meaningless exercise....

Lynda, Kim and Beth, I am a list person, I write them on the calander/datebook, I also note birthdays, so I hopefully remember, and what I am going to do that day...I keep them. Here in Spain I am good for the past four years, then my notes give out and I am SO lost...and the name??? Bullwinkle. XOXO ROcky.

Beth, thanks, I hope it keeps being fun.

dawn said...

I have seen this meme before as well. It reminds me of something I heard once about making a decision when you have hit a crossroad or you have to make a choice on something. It is the 10-10-10 rule. You ask yourself these 3 questions. 1. If I choose A or B how will that effect me in 10 minutes. 2. How will it effect me in 10 hours 3. How will it effect me in 10 months and for longer term decisions, 4. How will this effect me in 10 years. I suppose you could put in days and weeks too if the situation warranted it. I have to use this one now. I am likely staying home when the family goes to the coast for our son's sailing trip. I will miss all the fun, but with it being so cold and all my plants here and the animals, it is probably better for one of us to stay. It is going to be warmer on Wednesday and Thursday night than they predicted last night, but still down to -10˚C. Yep, lots of thinking on this one.