Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And then there were 10

The day started when Eldest came in, nearly in tears, to inform us that the hot water was off, as in no more butane in the tanks.  *groan*  The man and I did get that sorted, but an ominous beginning for what proved a trying day in many ways.

At the end of it all the man and I finally sat down once the chaos of the day had subsided, and I wrote off about 6 of the things I hoped I was going to do tonight and we winnowed it down to 10.

Out went the ones that don't carry well across a room *sob*

Out went the ones that didn't seem to go well with the others *sob*

Out went the ones that there were simply too many in the series of (LOVELY grammar) *another sob*

Not really sob per say, but I kept wanting to put some of them back in, and I just can't.

I have to be sure that some of the ones that I love, that didn't make the exhibition still get hung.

CRAZY busy right now.  



Anonymous said...

Maybe try to focus on one theme, or add extra criteria like "not too avant-garde", or "not too classic" (depending on what you think the villagers are more into. And keep the rest for when the MOMA will call you :)

Trish said...

Your artwork is lovely! I'm looking forward to hear how it all goes.

good luck!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

So display the extras here where the whole wide world can see them. Or at least me. ;)