Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I don't want to rant

I really really don't want to rant, but sometimes I find myself a little...disappointed... in Spain.

Don't get me wrong, I love it here in many ways and I am very happy, but now, when I am freezing my butt off because of bureaucracy that is stalling the gas hook-up, and with Youngest's nationality chaos, and well, the Spanish economy....

Then today, I decided to go and see a doc about my sore hamstring and get a reference for physio. In all honestly,  I have to say that the health system here is not all bad, they managed to cure Eldest's mystery stomach ailment after 22 doctors in three countries including Canada.  Day to day primary care is, however, another story.

I went in yesterday for an apt, they gave me one for a week and a half from now.  Ahh, no.  The nice guy behind the desk agreed that was ridiculous and advised me to come in today as an emergency.


I did.

Two hours later I got to leave.  The doctor had recommended an X-ray.  I pointed out it was a muscular issue and declined.  He did not consider ultra-sound, I suspect because there aren't a lot of machines, and then sent me to a 'traumatolog' a designation I have not heard duplicated in English.  I think the reference was cause he had no idea what was going on and wouldn't send me to physio, not sure why.  After two hours in the medical center I got an apt for the 'traumatolog'.

For February.

You know, by Feb, I'll either be a cripple or fine and the opportunity for repairing this easily will be lost.

I declined the appointment.  I have other routes I can follow, including simply going into the hospital emerg, a very expensive option for the health care system but one which people routinely use as the regular system is so slow.  We've done it several times already.

Anyone know a good physiotherapist out there who'd give a little advice online?

Honestly. 2 months?  What's the point.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Sounds frustrating. UGH!
Maybe it is because you have never run and you have been running alot. Tendons and ligaments strengthen at a much slower pace than muscles.
Not only are you suddenly running, but mountains no less... Perhaps just take it easy for a while, get some massage and lots of hot baths...
I know you just started...good luck and hope you fell better soon!

Anonymous said...

oops forgot about the gas thing.. sorry....maybe hot showers at the local pool?
I sympathize we spent over 2 weeks with no heat or hot water as well...brrr! nomad

Hula Girl at Heart said...

That would drive me crazy!

Boo and Trev said...

Actually, that often happens in the UK. You get a physio appointment in several months time. I suspect that they think you will either go private or the injury will get better on it's own. I believe there is a shortage of them in the NHS

Mother Theresa said...

That sucks! Being without gas at this time of year must be horrible. Do you have a place to go for warm showers? We're lucky enough to have the local sport center very close if we need it...and we did have a problem with the gas a couple of years ago and ended up showering there. And the doctor situation is drag. I always forget that in the rest of Spain things aren't as efficient as over here. When we need an appointment, they usually give us one the same day or at the most, the next. But that's Navarra, things work pretty well here. Anyway, I hope you get it sorted out soon, hopefully without needing to go private. Wish I knew of a physiotherapist to recommend, but I really can't think of anyone.

Anonymous said...

Clearly sucks. I hope you'll get more luck going through the ER, and that you'll get better in no time!

Mar said...

Consider yourself lucky. My appointment with the "traumatolog" was scheduled for April 2011...last October...
Feel well soon.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about health care in Spain and your trying to get assistance. You probably want to know if it is a tear, a partial tear, or maybe just a strain. If it continues, go to the hospital route since that is a last ditch option.

Sorry to hear you have no gas, too. Yikes, makes me thankful for my propane gas- even if it is expensive.

Sending you hugs from California!