Thursday, December 9, 2010

One-eyed woman?

Getting more excited about the exhibition, I can show 6 pieces, I may bring a few more along, see how it goes.  I also have to devise some way to hang them, though I know more about that now and I have some ideas.  Needs to be cool, eye-catching, but not so it overwhelms the pictures and CHEAP!

This tendon is still bugging me, worse today...and we have a long walk planned for Sunday.  I am a little concerned about that, fingers crossed all around.

I am teaching a course about how to create online courses with the moodle platform, the course runs as both an online and face to face process.

Tied into this is a promotion I have received, for lack of a better word, so I am feeling my way around my new powers as well.

It is fascinating to see the differences in how people approach the work.  Some hit panic right off, some dive in, fearlessly (I have told them that the worst they can do is mess up their own course, I'm not so foolish as to let them rip with the whole darned system), some test the waters and retreat fast, and some are über dependent.  Then there are those who simply ignore the whole thing and hope it'll go away....

I do find it amusing that I am the e-learning/software/administration specialist and I can't lock my own d*mned wifi!

Don't tell them that though, m'kay?




Mother Theresa said...

Crossing fingers on the tendon thing. The show sounds like it will be fabulous. And lol about being the e-learning/software/administration specialist who can't lock down the wifi. But don't feel husband teaches plant pathology and he never knows what to do about our sick plants. In Spanish there's a saying..."En casa del herrero cuchara de palo", and I think that applies in this case. :D

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Technology is that way. At least it's that way for me. I get so excited when I understand a little html. I'd love to see which canvases you decide to show and what you came up for "framing".

Anonymous said...

an online course explaining how to create online courses? Infinite recursion spotted! You are going to destroy the fabric of the universe! stop the madness! :D
Just drop the wifi altogether already. Its waves are frying your brains anyways...

oreneta said...

Mother T, we all have our dirty little secrets don't we!

Bodhi, I do find the technology really interesting. As an educated user, not sure I want to delve into being an IT guy. Especially the guy part of it.

ElP....I am a human echo chamber it would seem.

You're lying about the wifi, and I know it! (or at least I hope so)