Thursday, December 2, 2010

Invitiation, and a few nerves

My big news of the day is that I got invited to hang some of my paintings in a show!

That sounds better than it is.  It is a show done at Xmas for painters from the village, whatever their skill level, and the man who invited me has never seen any of my work, and indeed admitted that he was having trouble finding painters.

A bit of a bottom dragging technique of creating a show, but what the heck.

I am

a:  excited

b: nervous

c: compelled to create LOTS of art between now and then

d:  continuously debating what to submit.

e: going to have to get some framing done!



Anonymous said...

Love the Weeee!!! :-)
Congrats!! How very very VERY exciting!

I se some really nice groupings when I look at your picasa page, and would love to give some feedback if you are interested...

Enrolling tomorrow...gads....WHAT am i doing!!!

Hug and hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

Do NOT frame.

Framing is REALLY personal, figure out a very neutral but beautiful way to display your work
like magnets on a sheet or something, people will pay a certain amount for an image, and they do not care about framing, you will loose money, plus the work is hard to store, transport etc.... Plus it is really really personal. I repeat...DO NOT FRAME!!

Am I being a little strong here?
oops! Love you Nomad

Jason, as himself said...

That is so exciting! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations anyways! To be invited, he had to know you did paint. So maybe someone told him. Meaning someone knows you're painting, and likes it enough to tell other people. Somehow, you should consider yourself famous already.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Wow! Congratulations! Although I shouldn't be so surprised as I've seen some great art in your canvas a days on your sidebar. Enjoy the celebrity status and the buzz and the excitement!

Helen said...

How exciting!

Tya said...

that's great! :D

oreneta said...

Nomad? Imput? Yes, please! and No, you're not coming on too strong, you're making me think.

How did enrollment go?

Jason, indeed!

ElP, I'll try...*head scratching*

Bodhi! Thank YOU!!!

Helen and too! Thanks a ton!

kate said...

Awesome! How neat!

Mother Theresa said...

That's fantastic! Congratulations. Will you share which paintings you decide on?

oreneta said...

Of course I'll share pics...I'll put a photo up when it's hung!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Oh, that's fantastic! Congratulations! So many decisions to make, hmm?

oreneta said...

Fun ones though Hula, lots and lots of fun ones!

J.G. said...

So exciting, and you are ready to shine! I pity the person who displays next to your outstanding pieces.

oreneta said...

Oh, JG, I adore you!