Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paint and spelling

I was mooching around in my painting area today, working on a bunch of ongoing projects that I am uninspired by today, and a larger painting that I started and I am unsure how to finish...lacks a focus and movement.  That's OK, it'll come.

I seem to roll that way, there is a pause process, I seem to have to put things down for a bit and come back.

Youngest is doing an English course out of NA and I had to correct some of here spelling.

Loved it.

I am not alound to do that.

He past me the ball.

The three there/their/they'res appeared predicatable, and the were/we're/where issue.

Then she had to do a spelling test,
first there was gymnastics then gyrate then next she had hybernate.  Logical, no?

The ones I liked best were the ones that totally made sense, but didn't.  There were more.  Love 'em.

Later I found myself SUPER inspired and went off on a tangent with the grey paintings you see on the side.  There was an element of experimentation going on there so some were more successful that others, and there for development, but I am excited!!!

Love a five day weekend.  Love it to bits.


Anonymous said...

It's not nice to laugh at your kids' mistakes :p.

oreneta said...

Maybe not, but it's funny....

Mother Theresa said...

I like your paintings, particularly the one on the bottom. Fun, that spelling thing, isn't it? Kind of like when they're learning to talk...we used to get a lot of laughs out of that. At least your kid comes to you for correction, my eldest thinks she knows everything.

J.G. said...

The pause is a really important part of any creative process . . . not that I often have time to follow that wisdom.

And spelling is f-u-n.

oreneta said...

Mother T, thanks so much! And she is only coming to me now, we'll see what happens in the next couple of years.

JG, I agree, the pause is so important, but not so fun sometimes, no?