Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Everything I drew and painted today didn't quite come out the way I had imagined, I am not sure I'm going to have anything finished for today, however dreadful.  That hasn't happened often.

A shame too, as there are not all that many days in my life when I am mostly at home and available to paint.

Now I am simply way too tired.  This vacation I seem to be sleeping and sleepy a lot.  Not a bad thing.

Struggling on with Murakami in Catalan.  Boy, do I ever read more slowly in Catalan than in English.

Endavant!  ONWARDS!!!


Jason, as himself said...

Yes! Don't give up.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Remember the creative cycle. You have had plenty of very, very productive days. If today was a bit of "downer" it is all research for another day. I just noticed your tab for books read this past year. Must trot off and take note as I am looking for books at the library.

J.G. said...

Some days have lessons about what doesn't work. The down days aren't as much fun, but they are part of showing up every day (to continue that discussion).

oreneta said...

Thank you Jason, we all need cheering on from time to time, no?

Bodhi, loved your pants down post today, what a laugh! Research, what an excellent way to look at it.

JG, That seems to be part of the trick. Gotta show up or nothing can happen, worth it even when nothing does happen.