Saturday, December 18, 2010


Sorry for the no-post yesterday.  It was Friday and somehow it just ended.  Nothing on the to do list got done, I went to bed early, sort of.  Eldest, spotting me weakened, came in to chat for about an hour and a half as I lay in bed.  It was lovely, in fact, but I am still pretty wiped.

That said, the final selection has been accomplished for the show, which blessedly is going to be hung tomorrow not today as we only just finished sorting and organising.  We had to strip everything we have framed out of it's frame to put up the ones for the show, and some of the frames are....ahhhh....spacious....for the work they contain, but it is done.

Youngest had a friendly basketball match and got about 15 baskets, she was quite the wizard out there today, most impressive to see.  I think she was pretty delighted too.

Now, torn between a nap and painting.  As I sit by the fire, the nap may win.....zzzzzzzz.

I also have to say that I believe that IKEA has a secret agenda.  All this funky furniture at reasonable prices is simply a mechanism for the insidious spread of their plan.  They are bound and determined to teach us all patience.  Anyone who has assembled more than, well, anything of theirs has personally extended their limits of patience.  I swear, it's a plot.


Anonymous said...

I see seven, not six... But they are all amazing. You're gonna shine there (and if not, it'll be the visitors' lack of taste, for sure :p).
About IKEA, I've actually had *way worse* to assemble...

oreneta said...

Yeah, I snuck another one in...what the heck. They have said nice things about it, which is good, and heartening. There is way worse to assemble, I am just wondering if they have an ulterior motive. It has to be easy enough that we learn the virtues of patience rather than the joys of a sledge hammer, but still enough of a pain that we do learn it, no?