Friday, May 20, 2011

And about time too.

I was on the metro today, coming back from todays driver's license hassle, I have an appointment to do the test, and I am a good deal poorer, though my eyesight still seems to be wicked.....


I was on the metro, and this kid came on with a roll of paper under his arm and I looked at him, and thought that maybe I'm not an artist, that maybe it's gone, that maybe there isn't much left.

Then I got home, Youngest unwrapped her new bedsheets I'd bought her and came down with an armload of cardboard squares.

Seems there's still something in the old girl!

Thanks goodness.

Immigration series, acrylic on canvas, smallish

Oil pastel and watercolour on cardboard, smallish.

Acrylic and oil stick on paper.  bigger.

Ahhhh, I feel so much better.


Nomad said...

So glad you are feeling better!!!


thecatalanway said...

SO glad something started to move for you. And you know when I saw the first one - I saw two women dancing - sorry Catalunya but it was a kind of flamenco. Lovely! then I blinked and realised it was actually a head. Now I can fllick between the two and it's fantastic. Can you see? with their arms up? Love the others too. Especially the last one with the circle and triangle. Great stuff.Looks like those hours of bureaucracy do have their purpose! K x

oreneta said...

Nomad, how are you doing????

Kate, I was so glad things started to move too! I can see the dancers, in parts and flashes, but I think I need more distance from the piece before it leaps.

Helen said...

Periods of block are awful - but they do pass, and pass with style in your case