Friday, May 27, 2011


I imagine what some of you have heard about Barcelona, and the police going in, batons crashing, they even fired rubber bullets into the crowd.  Feels just like Toronto!

What the hell, eh?

Went to an event this evening, and was all indignat all over again.  It was an event promoting the use of Catalan by Catalans when talking to non-Catalans.  Fine fine fine, estic completament d'accord.  I agree.  They got my back WAY up though, WAY up,  though it took me a moment to figure out why I was so annoyed.

They were looking to talk to 'nouvinguts'.  New comers.  I mentioned that it was five years later, that I wrote better Catalans than most Catalans over the age of 30 and that it just didn't seem like a newcomer after all that time and effort.

Didn't seem to change their mind though.

They mentioned their friends who were immigrants.

Ho hum.

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