Monday, May 9, 2011

I had a plan

It was to post about reading to my kids, which I still do, despite their teenager-ness...and I adore reading to them, especially since the books they want to read now are generally ones I like..



you remember those old movies


set in submarines where everyone is silent


and all you can hear is the sound of the radar echos


coming back and warning of the enemy


close at hand?

I can hear that now.

For some time too.  The man and I just had a little chat about it


a bird?  maybe

we're debating a tree frog possibly.

Either that or we are about to have


a serious flooding problem!


thecatalanway said...

And what happened next? Good story telling! Are you all ok? Kate x

Boo and Trev said...

Yes, we have been getting mysterious noises and we were attributing them to the nesting starlings in the attic but are now thinking they may be rodent footsteps. We have placed an experimental slice of chocolate spread on bread to see what kind of creature if any eats it. At best birds at worst rats with mice and squirrels in between.

Helen said...

Sounds like that are so annoying - I have a squeeky gate which i prop with a brick

oreneta said...

Kate, not much more happened, I went to bed, the frog (?) kept binging and I stopped writing there cause it got boring.

Boo, at least you don't have racoons!

Helen, oddly it isn't that annoying, just makes me thing that Das Boot is about to arrive!