Wednesday, May 18, 2011


OMG will it ever stop????

First, well, let's not start there, that way lies insanity.

Recently, Canadian taxes, plus some questions about last years taxes from two different departments, that's fun!

Then Eldest's passport needs renewal, but the required birth certificate is still languishing in Madrid.  Finally that got sorted and it went off.

Today, Spanish taxes, of course, we were missing a piece of paper, so we have run around to get that, and now will have to scan it and send it down to the gestor.

Then, while waiting in the office I realised that my Ontario driver's license has expired.  I have to drive the first day I get back, so a letter has to be sent off for a temporary one, with a photocopy of the license.

I will also now be getting a Spanish license before I go.

I have to drive when I get there.

THEN, the Canadian Embassy in Madrid just phoned, the payment hasn't gone through for Eldest's passport application, so the man, ever galant, hoofed it down to the post office here, as we paid through them, to see what's up.  Seems it went through, and someone at the embassy signed for it, but the problem is theirs.

When he called they were, clar, at lunch.

Deserted islands start looking better and better.

I did swim in the Med today!!!!  That was very very good.....

Ooooh, and we had steak and fresh cherries for lunch!  The sun is shining, the sea is beautiful and life, despite the hassles, is very very good.



thecatalanway said...

Oh good luck with all the bureaucracy. I have hit several of these sticky patches and I am afraid to say ended up backing off to lick my wounds and wait another day. I can see why people don't bother until the day it comes to get you.
Swim in the sea! it seemed a perfect day for the beach - lucky you! It was so warm this morning - then I got on a train and travelled to Bristol - where it rained as I got off the plane. But the air is fresh and the stars are wonderful.
I bought some cherries in Granollers and here they are now reminding me of all that sunshine. We are lucky aren't we to be able to live in such a beautiful place! In spite of the forms and the photocopied papers that are never the right ones!!! K xx

Juana said...

Papers are a nightmare, but I am glad a good swim and sweet cherries made your day better...