Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Why is it that if I get too hot at night I cannot just wake up all sweaty and throw off the covers.

Why do I have to have a nightmare, wake up filled with horror and then gradually realise that I am far too hot, throw off the covers, lie there trying to be rational in the middle of the night so my adreneline levels will diminish enough to go back to sleep, eventually give up and listen to a peaceful podcast on the iPod, and wake up tangled in the cables, wondering if I am being choked in my sleep.

Why is that?


rob said...
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mmichele said...

Oh that's exactly what happens to me! However, I have alleviated the death by earbud thing by putting my mp3 in a small pocket in the front of my pajamas. Somehow it stays in there and keeps the cords from getting wrapped round my neck, even when they fall out of my ears.

Sadly, I only have one night shirt with a pocket, but am looking for another!

Boo and Trev said...

Me too! But largely because I am at that time of life when I've got my own little micro climate going on. I usually go to the loo and get the pulse back on an even keel before attempting sleep again.

Helen said...

I don't get the nightmares, but like Boo get the heat during the night. However when I listen to the ipod I don't strangle myself I'm glad to say

oreneta said...

Mmichele, gonna have to find me some pockets!!!!

Boo....I HATE getting out of bed at night...usually can't go back to sleep at all....but....maybe that's better than the morning strangle!

Helen, I must thrash around more than you!!!

Glad to hear I'm not the only one with the iPod trick!!!