Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flat, flatter, flattest.

I have been very good lately,  I have been going to bed early, before midnight or earlier every night, getting lots of sleep and doing the right thing.

I have not been painting, well, that is not strictly true, I have not been painting anything worth looking at, and I am getting frustrated.

I know, I know, down times are important too, but it is frustrating also knowing that this summer, once I get to Canada and my work there, I simply will have no time at all to paint.  Nothing, nada, res.

So a dry spell now is....ahhhh.....irritating.

I am simultaneously annoyed with myself for waiting around, for not getting inspired, for not making it happen.  I am showing up every day, but with nothing that looks interesting to work on.

Maybe a temporary resurgence of the canvas a day till things start to flow again.

I'm reading art books, looking art art on websites, listening to interviews with artists, going to try and hit a gallery tomorrow, and all I'm making is guk.



Anonymous said...

You are ready to change streams.

That is why an idea book is so good, to keep all the things you have been cooking for a while.

Now is the time to sit down with it, and decide which way you need to go.

Idea book, small clips of paint, photos images, thoughts, not just drawings, but some drawings too.

If you are dry now is a very good time to start one, pick a separate page or spread works well, for several themes you have been mulling around and just start putting stuff in, you will find once you begin to catalogue this way, you will be constantly be seeing and finding things that fit into your 6 or 7 or 8 ideas you are developing.

Idea nursery. Love it.

Then you NEVER have a "dry spell" bcz you can always sit down with your idea book and nurture something along, do a little more research etc,, until you are ready to work.

Go out tomorrow and find a nice book, something substantial, that you love, or make something.
Removing and adding pages is a handy feature and get sticking.

I am SO bossy!

Love you.
:-) Nomad


Anonymous said...

Plus this summer when u cannot paint, if you have spare minutes you can work on it!

thecatalanway said...

Quiet winters of creativity are always precursors of a new Spring. Really important to accept it - turn and look at other things and let the seeds within have time and peace to germinate and grow. Don't panic! It's normal.....that's my way of looking at it anyway! K x

oreneta said...

Nomad, I adore you and you are soooo right. So right.

Kate, thank you, you also are so right.