Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something to like about top-loading washers

I know, I know, I know.  The front loaders are endlessly better for the environment, they use less water, less electricity....I am totally on board.
Know what I don't like though?  (aside from their small size and endless cycle length, I mean really, do you NEED two and a half hours to get some sweat and dirt out?)

I ramble.

Today, and in general, what I don't like is that they are just a wee bit fascist.  Single-minded.  Inflexible.

You see, once you put the clothes in, shut the door and start the cycle, there's no going back.  None.

They will. not. let you have your clothes back, even if you want to go swimming, and your only suit is in the machine and the only one for sale in the village is 65€!!!

So, instead of trying out the local pool and getting a membership so that I can exercise more cause my butt isn't going to let me run up and down the mountains every day yet, I have to sit around at home.

All cause I can't lift the lid, slosh around and pull out my suit.

Not liking it at all.

Going to be buying a second suit too, me thinks.


thecatalanway said...

I didn;t know yu could open top loaders when you want. but yes now a distant memory is coming back - of the sound of the water turning turning. Of the hum and splosh. Of the need to take it all out at the end with long wooden spoons and put it dripping into another place to spin. Of a hose pipe hanging over the edge of a sink so the water can drain - when the spinner gets too fast it jumps off and floods the kitchen....thank you - good memories. Perhaps another bathing costume is a good idea?

oreneta said...

Yeah, you can!!!! I love that, they still use these washers in North America, no long wooden spoons, spin is internal, no hose pipe, doesn't hop around.....

but they are energy hogs......

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

I've been away from here for a while so am catching up, sorta. We got ourselves a high efficiency Maytag top load that acts like a front loader. Not sure is such a thing exists 'over there'. It does lock when you start but if I find a sock on the floor I just hit PAUSE, opne lid, toss in sock, close lid and hit start to resume. Love it!!!
OK, now I am off to look for pics of your house, figuring it MUST be done by bow. :o)

oreneta said...

Doug, I'm going to have to put up some pictures then cause you won't find much.