Monday, September 19, 2011

Despite what this sounds like

Despite how this sounds, it was a good day.

Finished off painting the pati and the man and I then cleaned, moved in the new furniture, moved back the plants, bought a couple more (I know, I know, but there is a tiny little patch of garden and it is WAY past time it got planted) and the pati looks, if I do say so myself, spectacular.

A little more to do.  Tomorrow I am going to clean out the safareig and fill it in preparation for the fish that will arrive, we need to locate a couple of aquatic plants, but that is coming, and the man has to hang up a tile image I found and bought at the market in BCN...looking good.  We had lunch out there, and youngest and her buddy did homework out there too.

Chuck got bitten by a big German Shephard today, I looked at his back/butt when he came in and there was about an inch long superficial scrape/cut/slice and a bald spot that was about and inch and a half circumference.  Well.  No need to visit the vet.

When I came home from a meeting at work, instead of throwing himself to the floor to have his belly scratched, he eased himself down.  Uh oh.  Looked at his back and found another cut, this one with a fairly significant puncture to it.  To the vet, ASAP.  Stupid me.  Dogs bit with both uppers and lowers, if there is one bit mark, there's going to be another.

He had a shot of painkiller/anti-inflamatory and he's on anti-biotics and we have to flush out the wound twice a day so that it doesn't heal from the outside in and fester.

Pup had a bad day.

My eyes are, I swear, burning through my head.  One of the things that I love about cruising is that I am normally not even a little bit tired and I love that feeling.  LOVE it.

No photos yet, I am working on it, but I have to get through a backlog from the summer first and I am getting there, slowly.

Oh, and the hot water, in the BRAND NEW hot water heater?  Gone again and the girls shower/tub?  Not draining.  I hate the plumber we had.  Hate him.

I won't post photos of the wounds, they're kinda gross, and the puncture is right over his spine.  I wasn't walking the dog, but should I seem them, I will mention the cost and hassle we've incured cause they didn't have their dog on-leash when he is clearly aggressive.

Ho hum.

Honestly?  Life is easier when everyone gets their dogs fixed.  Wonder when this will catch on in Spain. Never know, you already can't smoke in a bar and that defied imagination a short while ago.


Beth said...

If it's any comfort to you (and it shouldn't be!) I'm still without gas, so no hot water or heat.

Poor Chuck - dogs are so sad, so not themselves when they're injured or sick.

Anonymous said...

Aw, poor chuck... Hope he'll get well soon!

For the draining thing, could it be related to long hair being frequently stuck in there? You may need to invest into some filter or something that would catch the hair to prevent clogging. That, or shave everybody's head, which is not necessarily the best option there is...

oreneta said...

I am so sorry you're without gas still, how uncomfortable! Chuck is a sore pup, but he's getting better.

ElP, that had occurred to me too, I have to go check it for hair......I think the girls find it too gross to haul out. Stern words will follow.

Anonymous said...

That's why I was thinking about some kind of mesh cap to put around the drain, it would retain the hair and not feel so gross to pick up... There's worse than bathtub drain, though...

oreneta said...

ElP, you got it in one, I won't post a photo of what I took out of the drain. Gotta be some kind of mesh cap I can buy. Now on the list.