Monday, September 12, 2011

OH my goodness, it is good to be back painting again!!!

What is it about the right space that just makes it all sing!

It feels just so utterly wonderful to get a brush in my hand again and put marks on paper.

Sounds stupid, but there it is, wonderful.

The girls had a good first day at school. Both pretty content, Youngest not so nervous now and all seems to be going well for the time being.  Youngest also had her first basketball practice today, and seems to have had a good time with it, came back totally red in the face and wet with sweat...she should sleep well tonight!!!

I am going to have to get back into the running thing again.  I started work today, I have my provisional schedule and actually even taught a class.....which was kinda nice in fact.  I am currently getting up at 7am with the girls to help get them out the door in time, Eldest doesn't need it, but for the first little bit, or maybe all year (gulp) I'll do it with youngest.  Maybe I'll be painting more in the mornings than at night.  Going to have to look at developing a running schedule as well.....

Got through most of the pending paperwork, not all, but a lot has been knocked off, and we have food, a clean(er) house and what supplies we need, though I am eagerly awaiting market day and wine and olive oil day.

For my sins, I'm off to Ikea tomorrow, need another bookshelf and I want to get some furniture into the patí so that we actually use it...maybe paint some walls out there while I'm at it this weekend!

That's not a bad idea at all in fact, maybe Sat shall be painting day, but big old walls........on ladders.  I don't mind doing some house painting, all told.


Hope you had a great one,

Time for bed and a bit of reading.



Beth said...

When something (your painting) makes you that happy, enthused and fulfilled, you MUST make time for it. Make it a priority in your busy schedule!

Tiffany said...

Agree with Beth!
Great start to the year. I'm not sure if I'll do the Granollers half marathon or not - in Feb. You could try for it? Subscriptions are already open!

Jett started off well. He's embarrassed I think, to like school so much. He knows its weird. :p

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoy being back and painting :)

oreneta said...

Beth, got it in one...are you doing any writing on that note?

Tiff, glad to hear that Jett's happy with school and that it is all going well. Half marathon? SO not there, maybe a 5k.....

ElP ME TOO!!!!

Beth said...

Trying - with some success. Right now I'm writing my speech for Ted's wedding!

oreneta said...

Now THAT's a delightful thing to be writing! Congrats all around!!!